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 We Buy Houses!

Lyssa F&F is a woman-owned business located in Newnan, Georgia that purchases and renovates properties in need of repair, providing families across the state of Georgia with up-to-date, affordable homes. 



The Lyssa F&F company is a woman-owned company located in Newnan, Georgia. Through our company, we purchase homes in need of repairs and renovate them into modern and up-to-date homes across Georgia. We strive to provide Georgia families with comfortable and beautiful places to call home, at an affordable price. We are passionate about being part of the process. We take pride in our work and strive to provide quality homes for all of our customers. Our mission is to make home ownership accessible and affordable for everyone.


The steps we take for you!


Step 1

The first step in our mission is to find houses in need of repair, in unlivable conditions and/or simply just out of date.


Step 2

The next step of our process is finding the best contractors in the area, to help us bring our visions to reality by completely renovating the house into a modern, up-to-date house.


Step 3

The last, and by far the best step is listing the house and finding the perfect family to make this newly remodeled house into a home!

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